Version 2.4

New Features and changes

  • Added "Fabric Event" Timeline support
  • Added "EnableEditorPreviewer" option
  • Move editor previewer workload into the editor
  • Removed warning if an audio component has an audio source in the same GameObject
  • Added previewer support for Switch and music components
  • Previewer Event UI improvements
  • Added support for Unity 2017.2 and 2017.3


  • Fixed Audio Source Pool null reference error
  • Fixed PostEventByName issue
  • Fixed DSP components not updating parameters when is added for the first time
  • Fixed audio clip null ref error
  • Fixed event manager null ref error with eventList
  • Fixed issue with ExecuteFunctionOnDestroy on a build
  • Added event trigger support for external DSP parameters
  • Enable AudioSourcePool resize only if editor previewer is enabled
  • Fix for audio component stopping when loosing focus
  • SetDSPParameter with eventID returns true/false