Dolby Audio

This documentation describes how to setup and play Dolby Digital Plus audio content in Unity3d using Fabric.

Currently it is possible to play Dolby Digital Plus encoded files.

Getting Started

  • Before installing the Fabric.DolbyAudio integration ensure that Fabric is present in the project.
  • Download the latest version of Fabric,
  • Install Fabric either by dragging the package into the project. Or through the Unity menu: Assets > Import Package > Custom Package > select Fabric .unitypackage
  • Download the latest version of Fabric.DolbyAudio,
  • Again install this package into the Unity project (The files will be installed in the Fabric/Integrations/Fabric.DolbyAudio folder).

Fabric Setup

For a quick Fabric setup follow these instructions:

  • Create and a new Fabric Manager (Menu > Fabric > FabricManager)
    • Select the Manager in the object hierarchy.
    • Open Event Editor (Window > Fabric > EventEditor)
    • Add new event, for example 'Test'.
  • Add the Dolby Audio Component (Menu > Fabric > Components > DolbyAudioComponent)
    • Select the newly Dolby Audio Component object.
    • Open Event Editor (Window > Fabric > EventEditor)
    • Select the “Test” event and add a new event action (+)
    • Drag and drop the Dolby Audio Component object in the Event Action “Component” field
    • Load Dolby Digital Plus audio file (File must be located in the “StreamingAsset” folder)
  • Create a separate empty Game Object in the top-level scene hierarchy.
    • Select the new Game Object.
    • Add a Fabric Event Trigger (Add Component > Fabric > Events > Trigger).
    • Set the Trigger's Event Name to 'Test'.
  • Press play in Unity.

Dolby Audio Component

The Dolby Audio Component provides the ability to play a Dolby Digital Plus audio file.

Property Description
Name of file to play (Must be placed in the StreamingAssets folder)
Brings up a Load File dialog box
Encode Opens a browser window to the Dolby Audio Encoder page
Sets the volume of the audio component
Sets the pitch of the audio component
Enables/disables looping of the audio file

Dolby Audio files MUST be placed in the StreamingAssets folder

Audio File Encoding

Audio files can be encoded using the online service available on the Dolby Developer website.