REX Importer

The REX importer brings the power and flexibility of REX (rx2) files directly into your Unity project. This amazing new feature makes it possible to import REX files and sync them with music tempos so they stay perfectly in sync with your music stems/tracks or dynamically respond to gameplay events.

How to Setup

  • Download "REX Importer" extension unity package from the website
  • Install it in your project either by importing it in the editor or double clicking on the unitypackge
  • Open the REX Importer window (Windows/Fabric/Extensions/REX Importer)
  • Select a component for the destination
  • Select a REX file or folder
  • Select the folder to create the REX audio clip file
  • Click Import


When a REX file is imported Fabric converts the rx2 file into a wavfile with Regions for each segment into the "AudioClip Target Folder".  

Property Description
Component Destination Component target to create an audio component with REX support
REX2 Source File/Folder REX (*.rx2) File/Folder to import
Import REX Folder Load all REX files from the folder
AudioClip Target Folder Folder within the Unity project to create the REX file audio clip


An audio component is created underneath the selected destination component that references the audio clip. Furthermore all regions are automatically loaded and the REX tempo set.