Plugin Host

The Plugin Host makes it possible to use VST plugins with Unity's Audio Mixer making it ideal to use your favourite loudness metering plugin.

Plugin Host is designed to work only within the Unity editor

Plugin Host supports only Windows at the moment, a Mac versions will be available very soon

How to Setup

  1. Download Plugin Host extension unity package from the website
  2. Install it in your project either by importing it in the editor or double clicking on the unitypackge
  3. Open the Audio Mixer window
  4. Select a bus and click on the Add Effect button
  5. Select Fabric.PluginHost effect

Plugin Host UI

When a Fabric PluginHost effect is added in Unity's audio mixer group the following UI is shown,


Property Description
Plugin List Opens the Plugins List window
Active Plugins Opens the active plugins window
Load/Unload Plugin Loads or Unloads a plugin from the host
Open/Close Editor Opens or closes the VST plugin editor
PluginID Plugin ID assigned to effect (MANAGED BY PLUGIN HOST, DON'T CHANGE!!!)

Scanned Plugins

The Plugin List window shows all the scanned plugins along with a description of their properties that are required by the PLugin Host.

Property Description
Add Plugin Folder Folder with VST plugins to add to the folder list 
Clear Plugin Folder Clears plugin folders
Scan Plugins Scans all folders in the list for Plugin descriptions

Active Plugins

When a plugin host has loaded a VST plugin it is marked as active and it could be seen in the active plugins list. From there it is possible to view the active plugins assigned IDs as well as open/close their editor windows.