Version 2.2.7

New Features

  • Added OnPlayNotHandled and OnStolenNone event notifications
  • Added Unity 5.4 support
  • Added MultiWaveDisplay window
  • Added OnMarker support to Sequence and Random Components
  • Added Marker "NotifyAndPlayToEnd" and "NotifyAndStop" behaviours
  • Added randomize support for loop markers and regions
  • Added ignore native loop option
  • Added new Waveform Display
  • Added markers/regions list view
  • Added Markers types and marker loop selection
  • Added new AudioComponent waveform display
  • Added new MIDI Component
  • Added MIDI properties to base component
  • Added VR Audio support to audio source pool


  • Fixed global parameter window Value property not working correcty (FAB-384)
  • Fixed Audio Bus voice limitting (FAB-401)
  • Fixed Load In Background issue with Unity 5.4 (FAB-373)
  • Fixed Music and Sequence components to respond to markers
  • Fixed sequence issue when OnPlayEventAction is received (FAB-365)
  • Fixed Retrigger issue still working when looped flag is unchecked (FAB-350)
  • Fixed crash when initializing again DSP component during RTP parameter collection
  • Fixed audio spline drawing line to the center