Fabric provides a number of features that make it possible to use MIDI in your projects.

MIDI Component

The MIDI component is responsible for loading a MIDI file and assigning its tracks to Fabric components that can be located either udnerneath or anywhere in the fabric hierarchy.

Inspector Elements

Properties Description
Ignore NoteOff Midi Note Off events are ignored
Loops MIDI song
Control Target Component
Component to send MIDI events
MIDI Name of MIDI file loaded
Load Open load dialog box
Reload Reload MIDI file
Unload Unload MIDI

MIDI Tracks

Fabric is capable of loading MIDI files that contain multiple tracks. Each track is shown in the inspector an can be assigned to a target Fabric component or muted. The number of total/played MIDI events is also displayed

Property Descritpion
Component Component to send the MIDI events
Mute Mute track
Midi Events Number of MIDI events played/total

MIDI Properties

All components in Fabric can accept and pass through MIDI events down the hiearchy with the following properties,

  • Notes
  • Velocity
  • Channel

At any point a component can be set to ingore or respond to a specific range of notes and channels as well as apply offsets to velocity values and transpose pitch.

Inspector Elements

Properties Description
Override Note Tracking
Override note tracking from the parent component
Transpose Offset Apply an offset to the transpose value
Velocity Offset
Apply an offset to the velocity value
Key Min/Max The range of key values the component will respond
Velocity Min/Max The range of velocity values the component will respond
Channel Min/Max The range of channel values the component will respond
Arrange Children Assigns a single key value range for each child component using the component min value as a starting range