Fabric Manual WindowsAudio Asset Importer

Audio Asset Importer

The audio asset importer makes the process of importing audio files as well as audio clips into the Fabric hierarchy very easy.

Component Destination: When a Fabric component is selected it becomes the destination in which any imported assets will create a new component according to the "Create as" option set.

Auto-Import Assets: This option allows for Fabric to automatically detect when a new asset has been imported into the project.

Add EventListener: When this option is enabled it automatically inserts an event listener into the component

Create as: Specifies the type of component to create, the options are:

  • AudioComponent
  • RandomComponent
  • DialogAudioComponent
  • AudioComponent_AutoDetect_RandomComponent


Reaper Integration

Fabric provides a number of features that makes the streamlines the work-flow when creating assets with Reaper.

In order for Fabric to detect when a new files that has been rendered from Reaper into the project the "Auto-Import Assets" option has to be enabled and a valid component destination selected.

Once the new file has been imported, created a new audio clip and audio component it is then possible to go back and edit that file into reaper by selecting the "Edit In Reaper" component menu option. This option will open the correct Reaper project that was used to create the audio file even if Reaper is closed.

Reaper Integration

Audio Clip Drag and Drop area

The audio clips selected in the project tab view can be simply dragged and dropped in the green drop area and for each clip an audio component will be created according to the type selected.