Fabric Manual IOOSC Support

OSC Support

Another exciting new feature that has been added in this version of Fabric is OSC support. It allows for live tweaking in-game parameters on a games running either on the editor or on devices.

The OSC components are available through the game object “Add Component” menu option and are located inside the “Farbic/IO” folder. In there you will find the OSCClient and OSCServer components

Sending OSC Commands to Fabric

To send OSC commands from an application (i.e. TouchOSC) they need to be of the following format:

/ComponentPath/Fabric.ComponentName/PropertyName  , Value

  • ComponentPath: Is the full hierarchical path of the component separated by the ‘_’ character (i.e. Audio_SFX_Explosion)
  • Fabric.ComponentName: Is the name of the component located in the game object
  • PropertyName: The name of the property to send the command
  • Value: The value to set depending on the type (float, int, string etc.)

NOTE: Please refer to the OSC Component Commands section for a full list of all the commands available. There is also a TouchOSC layout files and a scene that demonstrated these features.

The type of messages that Fabric is sending for live in-game tweaking of parameters is:

  • /fabric/componentpath, path (string)
    • Path of the component to select for sending OSC commands.

NOTE: This command will cache all of the component properties on the selected game object so only the necessary changes will be send/updated over the network.

  • /fabric/component,  component (string), property (string), value (object)
    • Component name includes the Fabric namespace (i.e. Fabric.AudioComponent)
    • Property name usually start with an ‘_’ (i.e. _volume, _pitch)
    • Property values supports: float, bool, int, double, string
  • /fabric/event, name (string)
    • The event name