Event Editor

The event editor window provides a great way to associate event names and actions to components.

In previous versions of Fabric (<2.2.9) it was necessery to add an event listener into a component that you wished to send an event. Though this is still possible the new version of the event editor (>2.2.9) no longer requires the presence of an event listener making it much easier to perform a number of event actions on mutliple components at the same time.

Event Groups

The event groups section display the various groups that can keep  events names. By default if a Fabric Manager is present in th scene the "Global"  event group will always be available, in this group you can place all the global event names.

Any external group components (components outside the main Fabric hierarchy) will also be shown in the event group list.

Event Name

The Event Name section makes it possible to Add/Rename/Delete the selected event name but allso provide options to Load/Save as well as Import/Export the event list.

Menu option
Load Events Load events from the selected text files into the selected event group (duplicate events will be ignored)
Save Events Save events of the selected event group into a file
Remove Events Remove events contained into the selected files from the selected event group

Event Actions

For each event a number of event actions could be assigned each tergeting a specific Component.

The Ignore property disables the editor event action and allows the action that is posted by the game to go through to the component.

A complete list of vent actions and their properties can be found in the Event Trigger section

Global evenet actions such as Global Parameter and Global Switch disable the Component property

Event Properties

Each event comes with a set of properties

Column 1
Column 2
Delay Delays the event by X number of seconds
Probability Sets the probability (0-100) of the event happening
Post Count Number of times the event will be posted (use EventAction.ResetPostCount to reset it) 
Ignore GameObject Ignores the game object posted by the game and uses the Fabric Manager instead.

Event Action Properties

Each event action provides its own set of properties that can be set in here, for a full list of the event actions and their associated properties you can check the Event Trigger section of the manual.