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The sequence component triggers a series of child components defined by a playlist. It continuously advances (PlayContinuous) on the playlist in a sample-accurate way and depending on the play mode selected it will either loops back to the beginning or stop.

It is possible to set and randomize the Transition Offset to occur either before or after the end of the current track. This allows you to overlap two entries or introduce delays etc

Advance Mode

In advance mode it is possible to configure the sequence to advance to the next entry when an “AdvanceSequence” event action is received (PlayAdvance) or on a PlaySound event action.

Advance Mode

Code Support

The Sequence component provides the following event actions to be called from code,

- AdvanceSequence

Fabric.EventManager.Instance.PostEvent("NAME OF EVENT", Fabric.EventAction.AdvanceSequence, gameObject);

- ResetSequence

Fabric.EventManager.Instance.PostEvent("NAME OF EVENT", Fabric.EventAction.ResetSequence, gameObject);

Watch the following video explaining more about this Component