Fabric Manual ComponentsRandomComponent



This component triggers a series of child components in a random order or in a way that avoids repetition.



In random mode it is possible to set the weights for each child component:



Random No Repeat

In RandomNoRepeat mode there is Looped property that will make the random component to behave like a randomised sequence. It is also possible to add a delay and delay randomization properties.

Another useful feature is the option for the random components instances to share the same random no repeat history. This will ensure that you will never hear the same sounds playing in succession if multiple instances are played.

Random No Repeat

Inspector Elements



Play Mode

The type of playing mode:

  • Random: Elements are picked in random.
  • RandomNoRepeat: Elements picked at random but are not repeated.

Share History

When enabled the same history is shared between instances


In random mode allows to set the weight of an entry making it play more often.


In random no repeat mode you can set the component to continuously play with random elements

Trigger Mode

When iooped option is enabled the trigger mode has the followintg options,

  • Wait To Finish: Wait until component is finished before the next one is played
  • Retrigger: Plays the next component after the delay has elapsed


When set delay properties are applied on first play.


Introduce a delay in seconds every time a child element is played

Delay Randomization

Randomizes delay in seconds